Game of Thrones is a show with a huge, diverse cast, but which one of the many hundreds of characters that feature is the most...Game-Of-Thronsey?

I've meticulously watched every episode of the show, and recorded every time a character has done something the series is famous for - swearing, sexing, or killing.

Yes, this only includes events related to the show, not the books.

Here's how it works: every time a character swears, copulates, or kills, they are awarded a point. Whoever has the most points at the end of it all wins. Simple, right? Well, almost. There are a few quirks relating to each category that need explaining.

Swear points (P): This one is as simple as Varys' haircut. If a character swears on screen, they get a point. There is one single instance of a half-point swear, which will make itself known in due course, but that's about the sum total of it.

With regard to what words count as swear words, I've essentially included everything that, in today's society, would be unacceptable to say "before the watershed". Yes, that includes "bastard", which is used a lot as a descriptive term, but given the various connotations and contextual grey areas between objective and derogatory, every instance is included (Tyrion fans rejoice!).

Sex points (S): Any on-screen sexual act awards one point to each character undertaking said act, for each character they do it with, so extra points for threesomes (and Pod). A "sexual act" is defined as any act with the main purpose of giving pleasure to another party or parties.

Acts which have just taken place, or are about to take place off-screen, score half a point.

Acts which start taking place and then go off-screen still get the full point.

Acts which are interrupted just as they're about to take place (ahem Bronn), score half a point.

Kill points (K): Given the amount of killing in this show, things get slightly more complicated here, so bear with me.

Any on-screen kill (murder or otherwise): 1 point, except

An on-screen kill of an uncredited animal (e.g. Arya and the pigeon): 0.5 points

Ordering/instigating the killing of another character(s): 0.5 points per character (the character who undertook the killing still receives the full point)

Note re battles: Characters who are leaders and oversee/instigate a battle do not receive points for soldiers killed during the battle, although they do still receive points for anyone they kill themselves. For example (spoiler alert!) during the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay Bolton gets a point for killing Rickon Stark, but no points for any of the enemy soldiers that were killed, despite personally giving the order for the archers to fire their arrows.

Note that only credited, named characters are eligible to score points (main characters who kill extras still receive kill points). Soldiers who are extras in battles, for example, don't count. Shout out to the Game Of Thrones Wiki page for helping me out with who's who.

How they're ranked:

Most points wins, obviously. However, given that there are more ties than a romantic evening with Melisandre, there needs to be a way to sort out those on equal points.

The order in which characters on the same number of overall points is sorted is as follows:

  • Most Kill points

  • Most Sex points

  • Most Swear points

  • Most Episodes appeared in

There are still ties present, but that's the best I could do, short of timing to the nearest second how long everyone is on screen for (I'm sad but not that sad).

Hopefully, all of that is better described than a Missandei joke, now go check out the lists!


Descriptions of the characters frequently explain how they got their points, which will, obviously, give away various spoilers. If you haven't watched up to the end of season 7, you may not want to continue unless you don't mind some of the events being spoiled.




P: Profanity/Swearing

S: Sex

K: Killing

E: Episodes appeared in